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Upcoming Auditions

Theatre Rhinoceros now casting non-union actors for:


A world premiere by Roger Q. Mason
Directed by Ely Sonny Orquiza

Location: Theatre Rhinoceros, 4229 18th St, SF
Auditions: Oct. 17 & 18, by appointment
Rehearsals & Tech: Feb. 20 - Mar. 27, 2024
Performances: Mar. 28 - Apr. 21, 2024 (Thurs - Sun)

SYNOPSIS: In 1928, five female impersonators were imprisoned for indecency after performing in Mae West's The Pleasure Man. This is what happened on their first night in jail.

Script calls for sexual scenes, as well as scenes and language depicting homophobia, transphobia, assault, and police violence. An intimacy professional will be available to work with all artists involved. 


- PHILIP HAMMER - 20s, white cis-gender male, sergeant of the NYPD, closet case.

- DANIEL ALLEN GREY - 30s, white cis-gender male, lieutenant of the NYPD, prides himself on working with New York's vice patrol to "clean up New York."

- GRACIE - 16-18 (or so she says), white pansy (using the nomenclature of the time). Sometimes still "Gabriel" during the daytime.

- SHASTA - 20s, non-white, transgender, prefers she/her. Knows who she is.

- MARLA - 20s, Asian or Latinx, male-presenting. Relatively new to drag.

- MADAM RED HOOK - 65, white, an old queen, been dressing up since the 1890s when they basically called her kind Molly.

- MOLASSES JONES - 30s/40s, Black drag goddess. Says the things about the day (1920s) that no one wants to talk about.


*Actors may be asked to portray additional minor characters.

Stipend of $1300 available per actor. Email headshots and resume to CLIU@THERHINO.ORG, subject line “PRIDE OF LIONS AUDITION”.


Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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