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John Fisher, Executive Director

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San Francisco's Theatre Rhino Thanks YouWe're dependent upon the kindness of friends.

Your gifts — both major and not so major — allow us to continue to provide quality live theater productions.

Your purchase of Rhino logo items and at helps us entertain and inform.

Without you, there would be no Theatre Rhinoceros.

Donate to Community Thrift

When you deliver your items to the Community Thrift Store at 623 Valencia Street (near 17th Street),
tell them you're giving to Theatre Rhino. Your gift will help queer theater in San Francisco!

Help Raise $30,000 for Rhino's 30th!

This year we're asking for your help to cover a recent rent increase and to reappoint our lighting system. This rent increase will mean that our facility alone costs $190.00 a day - make a donation of this size or larger and we'll make you "Producer for the Day," a day of your choice.

We are also asking for donations to improve our lighting system.

It being our Thirtieth Anniversary I'm making $30,000 the goal of this season's fund drive.

That's only $5,000  more than you donated last season. If you each give just a little bit extra this year you can cover our rent and enhance the lighting of our shows for a year.

-- John Fisher, Executive Director

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Are you an Angel?

Your gits to San Francico's queer theater help!

Theater Rhino gratefully accepts donations of money, items, and in-kind services.

Give online (no waiting!) at PayPal.

Please contact our executive director for additional information.

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The Rhinoceros in Your Home and Office

Rhino T-shirt Rhino bear

Theatre Rhinoceros has created select items with our 30th Anniversary dude on them.

Our 30-year-old looks very cute on his own shirt and on a coffee mug!

Check out the selection and have a Rhino (or 2 or 3 or more!) come live with you.

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