Theatre Rhinoceros
John Fisher, Executive Director
The Oldest Queer Theater in America

The Rhino Mission

Theatre Rhinoceros develops and produces works of theatre that enlighten, enrich, and explore both the ordinary and extraordinary aspects of our queer community.

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The People Behind The Rhino

John Fisher

Executive Director

(415) 552-4100

John Fisher, Artistic Director
The Board of Directors
Catherine Brannigan Catherine Brannigan
Jim McCunn

James McCunn
Vice President

Small Rhino Davd Goodwin
Josh Dunsby, PhD
Photo by David Wilson
Josh Dunsby, PhD
Operations Chair
Craig Souza
Photo by David Wilson

Craig Souza
Facilities Chair

Rhino Kim Larsen
Joseph Tally Joseph Tally
Brian Yates-Sharber Brian Yates-Sharber

Contact Us
Ticket Hotline:  800 838-3006
Administration: 415 552-4100
               FAX:  415 946-8801

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